Mar. 2018 : Joined the international scholarship fair, “Go Abroad with WEduShare 2018”

We distributed 700 papers for scholarship information, 300 pamphlets, 100 clear files and other 1250 papers about U-Tokyo.

Nov. 2017 : Mentor-ship program with WEduShare

Hold Menter-ship Program with WEduShare and continuously supported those who want to study in U-Tokyo. (Closed in January 2018)

Aug. 2017 : International Exchange for U-Tokyo students and Cambodian students

Invited 5 students from U-Tokyo and hold several exchange programs. One program was featured in Khmer Times.

Jul. 2017 : Scholarship Seminar @Emerald Hub and National Bank of Cambodia

Organized Scholarship Seminar @Emerald Hub and @National Bank of Cambodia. Speaker : Prof. Nishizawa, Mr. Ear Chariya and Mr. Yoshi Oya

Feb. 2017 : Special Lecturing for IFL students

Organized Special lecturing for IFL students (Speaker : Prof. Nishizawa) and discussed with the future of Cambodia.

Jan. 2017 : Medical Study Tour

Prof. Jimba and students in Faculty of Medicine visited Cambodia and discussed with local and international organizations.

Jul. 2016 : Invited Prof. Nishizawa, and discussed scholarship opportunity to GraSPP, U-Tokyo

Aug. 2016 : Supported U-Tokyo Study Tour in Cambodia organized by Prof. Jimba and Prof. Shibanuma

Aug. 2016 : Opening Ceremony of UTAC

Addition to the professors, students and staff of U-Tokyo, the core member of Embassy of Japan in Cambodia, JICA, JETRO, JACCJCC, and other organizations attended the ceremony.

Aug. 2016 : Hold 1st U-Tokyo Alumni Forum

The theme was “Sustainability Challenges in Cambodia – from Global Health Experiences”.